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Canadian tax strategies exposed – Saving taxes on your rental properties

Chris Burylo, Managing Partner of Pinnacle Equities, shares two commonly missed tricks for saving taxes on your rental properties. Today’s video is created for the Pinnacle Equities Blog and the Canada Real Estate Investors Club. www.pinnacleequities.ca www.canadareic.com

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Secret Tip Exposed: The Hand Written Yellow Letter

Antonio “Hitman” Edwards explains why this is the best time to be in this real estate investing business and explains why the handwritten yellow letter marketing campaign can have your phone ringing off the hook

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HFC Beneficial’s Short Sale Guidelines Exposed!

This weeks Preforeclosure Daily Grind “Tip of the Week” is about the latest changes from HFC Beneficial and what they are now writing on their short sale acceptance letters,how to negotiate with seasoned vs.non-seasoned loss mitigators and much more.

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Geithner ADMITS in testimony ‘taxpayer exposed to losses’ of financial crisis

Visit ActivistPost.com for Independent News and Analysis. Geithner in Congressional testimony admits that taxpayers are responsible for absorbing the losses of Fannie and Freddie during the financial meltdown. “As you know, the history of financial crises is largely a history … Continue reading

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To Kevin Singer and Jmark & Associates please empty our trash this is why we have roaches that run all over the courtyard at night and this is why we have bedbugs and rats. This is not a safe place … Continue reading

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Fox News Bias Exposed By Leaked Memos

Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) discusses leaked memos from Fox News that expose a clear right wing conservative agenda. You and I know that Fox News is not fair and balanced, they do conservative programming. Propaganda. That’s exactly … Continue reading

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