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How to get your letters opened and read!

Letters can be a great tool for Real Estate Investors to market for motivated sellers. This is a technique I use when I send out letters to my targeted lists. I believe this technique will get you a better response … Continue reading

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Hardship Letters: Do They Still Matter for Mortgage Loan Mods and Short Sales?

www.GetLoanModSecrets.org This video shows you how important hardship letters are, and what to do if you don’t have a hardship. It will be valuable for you if you are a Realtor(r) or agent or broker, or just trying to negotiate … Continue reading

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Best Investments In Recession – Best Financial Investment News Letters Education

BESTINVESTOREDUCATION.COM Good Investing For Beginners and pros, best investment newsletters and financial investment education is required to get a return on your investments in a recession. Secure your retirement investments. Are your funds safe in your Investment Club, Investment bank … Continue reading

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