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Global Recession Looms as Euro Crisis Deepens

Costas Lapavitsas: Regulation is not enough, the public must take over the financial systemVideo Rating: 4 / 5

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Double dip recession and its triggers

Watch the whole 29-minute interview at www.goldmoney.com Claus Vogt (www.sicheres-geld.de talks to James Turk about when the next recession, or second leg of a double-dip, will come and what the potential triggers are. Claus sees the European sovereign debt crisis … Continue reading

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Ground Floor Business, Beat The Recession, Start Today!!! Subliminal Affirmations

www.mindsetmillions.com John Macy 301-501-0763 jhm0618@gmail.com, Brand New Niche in Network Marketing MLM (MLM) is Subliminal Affirmations Cd’s and MP’3 for Success In Network Marketing, Real Estate, Insurance, Health, Weight Loss. pre-pre launch.Biggest Pre-Launch In Network Marketing – Business Opportunities Video … Continue reading

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Short Sale Foreclosure Scam! Why Bulk REO Properties May End Your Personal Recession

The Real Estate Disaster Continues…. But Can You Be Saved? Yes watch and listen… The ‘foreclosure phenomenon’ has plagued the housing market; bank repossessions, REO real estate, has become an uncomfortable norm in a housing market ridden with foreclosures. To … Continue reading

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Best Investments In Recession – Best Financial Investment News Letters Education

BESTINVESTOREDUCATION.COM Good Investing For Beginners and pros, best investment newsletters and financial investment education is required to get a return on your investments in a recession. Secure your retirement investments. Are your funds safe in your Investment Club, Investment bank … Continue reading

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